Celestial Guardian

The Celestial Guardians are beings that are responsible for creating Mushra and sealing Lanancuras into a meteor.


The Celestial Guardians are a group of higher plane beings that oversee the balance and stability of the Milky Way galaxy, swearing to never interfere with the affairs of the individual planets. They respresent life and light in the physical forms. As guardians they do not only exist in a single dimension, but in all dimensions and timelines, maintaining the balance. They exist within the realm of the cosmos, and are what the planets and creatures call Stars. The Guardians wear golden armor and a white toga; their weapons are also made of gold, infused with their power. They sport several golden wings on their backs, allowing them to fly in a planet's atmosphere. Though they have physical forms, they do not have specific identities, instead they all wear golden masks and are indistinguishable from each other. They all appear as males, but whether they are defined by gender is unknown.


The Celestial Guardians have existed for eons, their origins unknown. Lanancuras was once one of them, and was the assigned guardian of the Milky Way galaxy. But his thirst for power grew terrifying and he began to crush the planets he was sworn to protect, taking the energy exerted from them for himself. The other guardians soon came to fear that he had grown too powerful to be allowed to remain free, and fought against him in the hopes of destroying his evil.

His power proved too great and the guardians were unable to stop him. One guardian decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and offered his Guardian Core, the card that gave him his existence, as the medium for their powers. Using his Core, the guardians were able to seal Lanancuras away within a meteor and sent him off into the emptiness of space. However, Lanancuras had gained a strong group of followers, the Kadrians, who plotted to undo the seal binding their master. They set the meteor off course and sent it crashing down into the Earth.

The Guardian who had given up his power was given life as an Enterran, a species that would later be created by the humans on Earth, and became known as Mushra, though Mushra has no recollection of his past. The Guardians also decided to give their power to one of the humans on earth and gifted their powers to the child, Yakumo Tatsuro. In addition to this, they guided Yakumo's father, Dr. Daigo, and helped him in creating a special room that would house Yakumo in a suspended sleep while the inevitable war between the humans and Enterrans was waged. Though only meant to awaken after the war had ended, an accident caused her to awaken 300 years later, after the rest of mankind had been wiped out. Her powers remained dormant, and did not surface until her demeanor of peace and non-vengeance was broken by Satan Mushrambo. The powers' most important purpose was to keep Lanancuras bound, and she kept to this task until Mushra, Kutal, and Sago arrived in Shinzo during the altered timeline in Season Two.

After their arrival, she ran out of power and died, allowing Lanancuras to break free. After a lengthy battle, the mechanical creature Hakuba, created by Dr. Daigo under the guidance of the Guardians, acted on their plan and became the Reversion Blade, allowing the hero Mushrambo to strike down Lanancuras. Although Lanancuras returned later, Mushra used the blade to strike him down again, but was ultimately killed by Lanancuras. Yakumo's spirit, along with the Celestial Guardians, offered to let Mushra rest instead of returning to fight, but Mushra chose to return and defeat Lanancuras. He was revived and given the power of his Guardian Core, being restored to his Celestial status. Mushra defeated Lanancuras and took him off of the planet into the space again in and then sealing Lanancuras   the  meteorite, him for good. Mushra was also destroyed in this final move,  but because he choose to continue fighting he was allowed to live on as an Enterran. The series ended with a scene of him walking off into a foggy forest.


The Guardians were shown to be strict and followed a set system of rules, denying them from becoming involved in the affairs of the worlds. Although they have shown that these rules can be disregarded under certain circumstances, such as aiding Mushra when Lanancuras had grown too strong for the Celestial Enterran to beat.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though the only being to have ever shown an extensive amount of the Celestials' powers was Mushra, it is hinted at that the Guardians have limitless power, even able to return someone to life.