Dr. Daigo Tatsuro is a scientist and Yakumo's father. He is the one that sent Yakumo to the Future to save the human race, he and others created Enterrans in order to fight a strange disease that treatens to destroy humanity, it was a DNA virus, so they combined human DNA with animal´s DNA.Lanancuras turn enterras againts humans and robots, they fougth great wars, then he was able to turn Mushrambo into hating humans and ultimately with the help of the seven kings of enterra destroyed each single one of them .Dr. daigo Tatsuro tried to protect and hide the last hope of humanity, but Mushrambo could sense yakumo and kill Dr.daigo Tatsuro and when he was about to strike yakumo her powers defeat and divide his soul into 3 crystal.The Dr knew that the crystal that yakume possesed would be able someday to restore peace.He once had an assistantt in King Nipper and created a giant robot named Daigo(after himself).