XMushramboWallpaperx by RyumasBride

He was created when Lord Ryuma tried to control Mushrambo knowing that he was more powerful that any of the kings(generals) of Enterra. Dark Mushrambo was cold, did not speak and at the beginning he obey Ryuma. But Mushrambo´s love for Yakumo was so strong that he then stop taking orders from Ryuma and fought and destroy him after he merged with Gandora, the love he fell for Yakumo and the black card made him so powerful and dark that the only thing he ever wanted to do was destroy everything and everyone. Knowing that nobody will stand a chance against him Yakumo took ryuma Sword and she was told that the only way to stop Dark Mushrambo was to kill him and therefor  kill Mushra, Sago and Kutal she was determined to do it but she could not and with the power of love she was able to destroy the black card and revert then back to normal. It is uncertain if Dark Mushrambo is able to fight against Gold Mushrambo.