Grandora is a three-headed Ice/Venom-Breathing dragon controlled by Reptile King Ryuma. Grandora's heads use different forms of ice attacks, one creating a blizzard when roaring, one breathing a beam of ice, and the third spitting out ice chunks.

Grandora is large and powerful. Ryuma and his servant Ungra summoned the beast after watching Gyasa's defeat at the hands of Mushrambo. The dragon rampaged throughout the city and fought Mushra, Sago, and Kutal while Ryuma took Yakumo to his castle and tried forcing her to marry him. When the three Hyper-Enterrans begin to fuse into Mushrambo, Ryuma tosses a black card into the mix and corrupts the fusion, creating Dark Mushrambo.

When Dark Mushrambo stormed Ryuma's castle and began attacking, Ungra summoned Grandora again. The dragon was slain by Dark Mushrambo, the absorbed by Ryuma. Though despite his newly gained power, Ryuma was still no match for Dark Mushrambo.



•Grandora is loosely based on King Gidorah from Godzilla.