Kiri was the second human girl to be seen in the series in episode six. Though it is later revealed that she is actually an insect Enterran known as Katai.

Kiri was first seen when Mushra accidentally bumped into her while playing with his hover board. She was chased by insect enterrans, having escaped Shinzo to go and find Yakumo. She also has a fear of Enterrans, claiming they are evil, and would not even go near Mushra, when he tries to help, choosing instead to bite his hand.

She leads the group to Shinzo, but would not show the secret passage of how to get in unless Mushra, Sago and Kutal left. Once the three of them are gone, she shows Yakumo the secret entrance, which is reached by following the moonlight's reflection on the river. However, just when she and Yakumo are just about to go inside, a giant caterpillar shows. Luckily for them Mushra, Sago and Kutal manage to arrive just in time to help and manage to defeat the bug. However, the two are captured again, this time by a carnivorous plant.


In episode seven, it is revealed that she is actually an Enterran known as Katai. Katai says it was easy for him to manipulate the others to go into Shinzo by assuming the appearance of Kiri. Katai later assumes the appearance of Yakumo in an attempt to capture the others and destroy them. However, he is later destroyed by King Daku and his encard absorbed.