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Kutal is a feline Enterran and an Earth elemental who travels with Sago, Mushra and Yakumo in their journey to Shinzo. He represents the Tiger and the West. He met Mushra and Yakumo in the second episode of the series, and lied his way into the group by saying that he is a professional guide and could show them how to get to Shinzo, though it's apparent to Mushra that he probably doesn't know anything more about Shinzo than that it's "to the west!" Kutal is a great lover and connoisseur of food and usually cooks for the group. He travels in a vaguely car-shaped vehicle and uses a flail of some kind when fighting in his normal form.



Kutal provides much of the comic relief in the group, occasionally classing them up with his refined manner and knowledge of fine cuisine. His love of food often gets the group into sticky situations. Kutal is otherwise very easy-going and friendly, getting along with the group well whenever his antics don't get them into trouble. In his Hyper form, his comedic features all vanish to give room for a serious, mature and focused feline warrior who gives all of himself to face his enemies and assist Yakumo and his comrades in battle. Through the series he eventually becomes more responsible and reliable as a result of trying to protect Yakumo. He is fiercely protective of his niece and nephews, going so far as to thrash a pterodactyl with a frying pan to keep them from being carried off by it.


Season OneEdit

Kutal first observed Mushra and Yakumo escaping from a horde of bugs that had intended to roast them on top of the Statue of Liberty in the first episode, remarking drily that "this recipe could use a touch of saffron". He later caught up to them after their escape and, realizing that Yakumo was human, offered to guide them on their trip to Shinzo (though it is strongly implied that he has never actually been there), saying that he often visited Shinzo and there were many humans there, even showing them a picture of him standing in front of a vague castle shape and claiming that it was Shinzo. Yakumo completely falls for this and Mushra reluctantly lets him join them in traveling through the ruins. He quickly gets them lost in an old subway while chasing a Hunter Being, thinking it was a Honey Being who would lead him to it's honey, and they run into Sago as they try to escape from the tunnels. Kutal, who up to this point has only thought of Yakumo as a potential dinner, is touched by her concern for him as he hurt his paw trying to escape and vows to protect Yakumo from then on.


Mushra giving Kutal the third degree.

He becomes a permanent member of the group and discovers his hyper form while protecting Yakumo shortly after. However, after the fight with Big Blue and his older brother, Yakumo punishes Mushra for his violent act of cutting their cards by kicking him off the team. Without Mushra, the others continue to travel, coming upon a village of Firefly-Enterrans, masking a trap set for Yakumo as a festival. Kutal and Sago, rejoined by Mushra, fight off the monstrous Centipede Enterran, Tombo, and rescue Yakumo. They leave the Fireflies and continue into the marshes, where they run into a little girl named Kiri, who claims to be human. Kiri leads the others to an ominous castle, where Yakumo is again taken hostage by Daku, King of the Insect Enterrans. Pretending to surrender, Kutal and the other boys allow themselves to be taken prisoner, then break free and split up to find Yakumo. Kutal stumbles upon a kitchen and finds distraction in preparing a meal for himself. Clumsily, he unknowingly sets off Sago's distraction plan by igniting a trail of Terol, blowing up part of the castle and setting much of it on fire. The two meet back up with Mushra after he rescues Yakumo, and the three heroes battle and defeat Daku. Using his EnCard, the gand hyper-jumps to the next area of their journey, the land of the Reptile Enterrans.

In the episode "Into the Jungle" he spots a pterodactyl carrying away three kittens in it's claws and races off after it, valiantly defeating the beast by throwing his cookware at it. He reveals that the kittens are his niece and nephews, Este, Rei, and Sen. He chides the kittens for trying to follow him, and tries to convince them to return home, protesting that the jungle is no place for children, but they end up joining the group by the end of the episode after proving that they can look after themselves. During their adventure through the jungle, the group stumbles upon an old school once used by the Humans. While the others explore their own interests, Kutal and the kittens locate the kitchen. While the group is exploring the school, a Reptile-Enterran named Waru attacks Mushra and sets some minions after Kutal and Sago. Being in the kitchen at the time of the attack, Kutal and the kittens are put against a makeshift monster formed from various kitchen utensils gathered together in a large heap. The group flees the school house and the boys Hyper-Form. Mushra breaks Waru's sword, at which point Snake King Gyasa appears and cards Waru, absorbing his minion's power. The Hyper-Enterrans battle with Gyasa, who continues to shed his skin and restore power each time they come close to defeating him. After a while, Gyasa cards Sago and Kutal, then beats Mushra to the ground. When Gyasa is about to make the final blow, Mushra and the others powers activate and Mushra absorbs Sago and Kutal's cards, transforming into the legendary Mushrambo.

After defeating Gyasa and returning to their normal forms, the boys, Yakumo, and the kittens continue through the forest to the next town. Upon entering the town, the boys decide to continue their competition from earlier, trying to decide which of the three is the best. They hold an eating competition, but fail to realize they have no money. Forced to pay for their meals by washing dishes, the boys are unaware that Yakumo has wandered off after someone she recognized passed her. The three are playing around in the kitchen, hold a glass stacking competition, when the large, three-headed dragon Grandora attacks. They rush outside to fight, and soon all three are caught in Grandora's mouths.

Ryuma, the Lord of Reptiles, orders the dragon to crush Sago and Kutal, carding them. He then allows Mushra to absorb the cards, tossing in a Black Card during the transformation and creating Dark Mushrambo.

Upon defeating and carding Ryuma, the group uses his card to instantly travel to the next area of their journey, where they board a plane and are taken to Mechano City. When his niece frets about needing to use the bathroom, Kutal and his trio of kittens rush off to find one. They instead find themselves aboard a bus filled with the other Enterrans from their plane ride (all still injured and upset about the fight Mushra started). The bus takes them all to King Nipper's Gigadome, an arena where mighty Enterrans from all over the planet gather to prove their strength. Kutal and the kittens join the others in a grand feast, but then hide themselves as the competition begins, unaware the whole trip was leading to that point. After witnessing the Enterrans card each other, the kittens find a window showing into King Nipper's laboratory, where they see Bongo, the winner of the competition, get carded by the Bird-Enterran, Lord Caris, servant of Rusephine, Queen of the Birds.

Despite the kittens' warning, Kutal joins some Enterrans in another feast, and winds up chasing a dropped piece of food into one of King Nipper's traps (ironically, it's a giant mouse trap). Kutal is taken below the Gigadome and carded, followed shortly after by Sago. While the Robots fight the Bird Enterrans, King Nipper reveals to Yakumo and Mushra that he is only acting as a servant of Caris to protect his city, but instead he was Yakumo's father's assisstant before the humans were wiped out. After Mushra is carded, King Nipper brings Yakumo to a machine where he is holding the three Enterran heroes' EnCards. He uses three special Egg EnCards and begins the process of bringing the heroes back to physical form. While the process is underway, Caris attacks. Yakumo pilots Nipper's giant mech, Daigo, and fends off Caris, but when the Bird Enterran delivers a fatal strike, Nipper throws himself in the way. As he dies, he explains the full story of the past to Yakumo, who then rushes back to the machine to finish the process of reviving the boys.

Once back, the boys Hyper-Form and battle Caris, carding him and the other Bird Enterrans. But when Rusephine topples the entire city, Mushra flies off in a fit of rage after her. After helping the surviving Robots, Kutal and the others chase after him. When they catch up with Mushra, they find him facing Rusephine. Kutal and Sago Hyper-Form and join him, but Rusephine absorbs the EnCards of Daku and Ryuma, along with three other Enterran rulers, Franken, Diehanger, and Kimylas. The newly empowered Hyper-Rusephine tricks the three Hyper-Enterra heroes and sends them through a time warp, back to the height of the Human-Enterran War.

Upon arriving in the past, the three witness a cloaked figure fighting against human soldiers. They intervene and prevent him from destroying the humans, only to find out their enemy is the original Mushrambo, the seventh Enterran General. Mushrambo easily defeats the three and leaves. He attacks and destroys the last human sanctuary, Shinzo, and procedes into an underground room, where he slays Dr. Daigo and attempts to kill the child Yakumo while she slept in suspended animation. The heroes arrive in time to prevent this, but history continues to play out as it did before and Mushrambo was slain by Yakumo's awakened powers. This time, the Hyper-Enterrans are present to retrieve the three jewels that gave Mushrambo his power, the same jewels as the ones they wore in their time. The jewels help take them back to their present and they again face off against Rusephine.

Using a newly discovered power, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal transform past Mushrambo and become Golden Mushrambo. Rusephine responds by summoning the original Mushrambo from the past. Mushrambo, however, turns on Rusephine and cards her, taking all six Enterran General cards and absorbing them, transforming into Satan Mushrambo.

After a lengthy battle, Satan Mushrambo cuts down Golden Mushrambo, returning him to his three Hyper-Enterran forms. The three heroes regain their strength and return to the fight, rescuing Yakumo from Satan Mushrambo's attack. Kutal and Sago pin him down while Mushra delievers a final blow to the demon, destroying him for good. The three then fade away, now that their mission to take Yakumo to Shinzo has been finished. Their jewels are left in the custody of Yakumo as she makes the last leg of her journey and reaches Shinzo.

Season Two Edit

With the Original Mushrambo destroyed in the future and unable to fulfill his purpose in the past, the timeline is altered and the Human-Enterran War never happened. The Enterran Generals were never chosen and the humans and Enterrans now live amongst each other. The new threat to the planet has come in the form of Lanancuras, an ancient evil that had been sealed away many years prior to the series, and his followers, the Kadrians.

The events of the second timeline open similar to the first, but instead of being saved by Yakumo, Mushra is rescued by a human girl named Binka, who claims that Yakumo sent her from Shinzo to find Mushra, Sago, and Kutal, bring them to Shinzo, and restore the power of Mushrambo. They first meet Kutal when he fails trying to steal their dinner, at which Binka insults him and chases him off. He later tries to make up for it by offering to join them and be their cook, but is again denied and insulted by Binka. Later, when Binka, Mushra, and Sago are losing to the Kadrian Bears, Shiro and Kuro, Kutal arrives and his jewel flies from Binka's bag, implanting itself on his head. He Hyper-Forms and joins Sago, defeating the two Kadrians. Kutal joins the group afterwards, fulfilling the Mushrambo requirements.

The group is tricked into a nightmare prison masked as a large funhouse full of carnival games and rides, orchestrated by the Kadrian Eilis. He separates the group, singling out Mushra. After rendering Mushra incabaple of fighting, Eilis is confronted by Hyper- Kutal and Sago. The two rescue Mushra and they and Binka flee Eilis's nightmare trap. Eilis later tracks them down and attacks again, but after Kutal and Sago are carded, Mushra's inner power awakens and he absorbs their cards, transforming into Mushrambo and carding Eilis.

Before they can reach Yakumo and Shinzo, the four are trapped in another Kadrian trap, created by Lunaria, Eilis's assisstant. Inside, they are unable to Hyper-Form and face a troll-like figure with the ability to sprout extra limbs. Growing two more arms, the troll captures all four and begins crushing them, however when Lunaria is destroyed by Yakumo, the trap is broken and they are freed. Finally reaching Shinzo, they learn of Lanancuras's evil and the urgency of their mission; that they must hurry and defeat him before he can fully break free from his prison.

After traveling a little more with Yakumo alongside them, the group reaches Lanancuras's prison but is too late to stop him from breaking free. The boys Hyper-Form, but are far outmatched and defeated. Yakumo assists them in battle by using her power to hold Lanancuras from breaking free of his prison, but because she has been doing so since the beginning of the new timeline, her powers continue to drastically weaken, and soon disappear, along with her life force.

Feeling the loss of Yakumo, the Enterrans' memories of the previous timeline's events flood back into them and each remembers what drew them to Yakumo and why they fought for her. Gaining strength through their hope and love for her and the future, the Enterrans continue fighting. Lanancuras repeatedly sends them to the ground, then ultimately tears their jewels from their bodies and creates Mushrambo's card, burning it to ash. He mercilessly continues to attack them, and brings them all to the brink of death.

However, Yakumo's power manages to continue beating and she uses her strength to save them from Lanancuras. With her power she restores their strength and recreates Mushrambo's EnCard, bringing the legendary warrior back to life. Mushrambo is still outmatched and defeated, but Hakuba initiates the next step in the Celestial Guardians' plan and detaches himself from the pod Yakumo is lying in. Yakumo's power releases the EnCards of the six Enterran Generals from their first journey and joins them with Hakuba to create the sacred Revision Blade. Mushrambo takes up the blade and becomes Golden Mushrambo again, defeating Lanancuras.

The next morning the group holds a vigil for the fallen Yakumo atop Mount Shinzo. None notice that the Revision Blade had begun to glow, and are too late to act when Lanancuras returns. Though they face another long fight, eventually the Celestial Guardians ally with Mushra and restore him to his previous status as a Celestial Guardian. Kutal, along with the rest, watch as Mushra defeats Lanancuras then carries the Kadrian off into the distance of space to destroy him for good. Mushra disappears as well.

Kutal and the others travel to Mushra's hometown and give Yakumo a proper burial, announcing that they are going to find Mushra, as they believe he is still alive somewhere on Earth.

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