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Mushrambo, the ultimate samurai warrior.

Mushrambo Edit

Mushrambo is the Ultimate warrior of Enterra, and the transformation of Mushra, Sago and Kutal, appearing when Hyper Mushra absorbs Hyper Sago and Hyper Kutal's EnCards.


In the 22nd century, the guardian of the Milky Way, Lanancuras, began to thirst for absolute power. He began crushing planets and taking their energy, eventually overpowering the other Celestial Guardians. The other guardians finally managed to trap Lanancuras in a meteorite. Lanancuras was then sent off into the darkness of space. His legion of followers, the Kadrians, redirected the meteorite prison towards Earth. The guardians were too late to stop their plan and Lanancuras's prison soon crashed into the planet.

After the meteorite crashed into Earth, three gems, whose powers had been corrupted by Lanancuras, were sent to the strongest Enterran Lanancarus could sense, Mushrambo. Upon obtaining the gems, Mushrambo developed a deep hatred for the Humans, the reasons for which were unknown to him. Along with six other generals chosen by the corrupted guardian, Mushrambo led the war against Humanity, almost wiping out the entire species.

During the war the Celestial Guardians decided to elect a host for their power. They blessed the infant child Yakumo Tatsuro with their light and, unbeknownst to him, guided Yakumo's father, Dr. Daigo Tatsuro, in constructing a safe haven for Yakumo, who was put into a comatose state by Dr. Daigo so that she would survive the war.

As he placed Yakumo into her sleep, Dr. Daigo was slain by Mushrambo, who had destroyed the last of mankind's sanctuaries, a haven known as Shinzo. When he attempted to kill Yakumo, Mushrambo was suddenly overwhelmed by her awakened powers and his EnCard was split into the three gems, each of which was guided by the guardians to their individual hosts: Mushra, Sago, and Kutal.

After 300 years of slumber (500 in the English dub), Yakumo awakens and begins traveling with Mushra, Sago, and Kutal. Along the way they are forced to battle the evil Snake King, Gyasa. After turning Yakumo to stone and carding Sago and Kutal, Gyasa turned on Hyper Mushra. Mushra then absorbed Sago and Kutal's cards and transformed into the good Mushrambo, the uncorrupt version of the great warrior.

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Mushrambo defeats Gyasa, who then Hyper Forms by absorbing a large amount of cards. Hyper Gyasa easily overpowers Mushrambo and brings the warrior to his knees in defeat. To add to his pleasure of deafeating Mushrambo, Gyasa reversed his stone attack and returns Yakumo to flesh, so that she can watch as he destroys Mushrambo's EnCards. But after a second wind when Gyasa threatens Yakumo, Mushrambo cards the Snake King.


Dark Mushrambo

In the episode Ryuma, Lord of the Reptiles, Hyper Mushra begins to transform into Mushrambo after Sago and Kutal are carded by the monstrous dragon, Grandora. During the transformation, Reptile King Ryuma tosses a Black Card at Mushra, effectively bringing forth the evil spirit of Dark Mushrambo. Dark Mushrambo rampages through the Reptile King's city and then fights his way into Ryuma's castle, interrupting the wedding Ryuma was forcing Yakumo into. Dark Mushrambo, consumed with power and the need for destruction, ignores Ryuma's orders and attacks. Ryuma is saved by his servant, Ungra the Sorceress, who calls forth Grandora again. 

Dark Mushrambo defeats the dragon, which is then absorbed by Ryuma. Ryuma is still no match for his dark creation and is carded. Before dying, Ungra reveals to Yakumo that the only way to stop Dark Mushrambo and free her friends is to cut the Black Card out of Dark Mushrambo's heart with Ryuma's sword. Yakumo, defending herself from Dark Mushrambo, uses Ryuma's sword and nearly pierces Dark Mushrambo's heart. Unable to harm him, Yakumo drops the sword and instead tries speaking to him. Her words break through to the good Mushrambo's heart and destroys the Black Card, setting him free.

Later, Yakumo, Mushra, and the others arrive in Mechano City, where they learn of Yakumo's past, the war between Humans and Enterrans, and of the seven generals (though only six are revealed, the last being a complete mystery). Lord Caris, servant of Bird Queen Rusephine, attacks the city and eventually cards all three Hyper-Enterrans. They are revived by Yakumo and Mechano City's monarch, King Nipper, and together card Caris. Mushra then Hyper-Forms and flies off to Rusephine's castle, followed by the others.

During their battle with Rusephine, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal are thrown into a strange hole, waking up in the midst of a battle between some humans and a powerful Enterran. They intervene as the Enterran attacks, and discover they were thrown back in time and are fighting the original Mushrambo, the seventh Enterran general.

They are overpowered and Mushrambo leaves, heading towards Shinzo to fulfill his mission of killing the last of the humans. They follow Mushrambo and try to thwart his plan to kill the infant Yakumo, but Mushrambo himself is defeated by Yakumo, as the timeline had already played out. After Mushrambo's defeat, the three heroes are returned to their present, where they find Rusephine has absorbed the EnCards of the other generals and is fighting an empowered Yakumo, whose dormant powers awakened while the three Enterrans were trapped. Rusephine resurrects the original Mushrambo, who in turn cards her and absorbs all six of the Enterran generals' cards. With all of his new power, Mushrambo transforms into the ultimate evil being, Satan Mushrambo.


Satan Mushrambo

Using the jewels they retrieved when Mushrambo was killed in the past, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal combine all of their power and become Golden Mushrambo, the strongest being of light and good. The two ultimate warriors clash, and Satan Mushrambo eventually defeats Golden Mushrambo, using time manipulation powers to freeze Golden Mushrambo's attacks. Satan Mushrambo cards Golden Mushrambo, reverting him to the the Hyper forms of Mushra, Sago, and Kutal. Satan Mushrambo then attacks Yakumo. With her powers fully awakened and her peaceful, non-violent demeanor shattered, Yakumo releases everything she has and battles the evil Enterran, but his power is greater and he manages to break through her attacks. Yakumo is saved by the weakened Hyper-Enterrans. Together, they attack and finally defeat Satan Mushrambo. With Satan Mushrambo gone, the past Mushrambo's existence is halted and the timeline is altered, leading into the second season of Shinzo.

Season Two Edit

Mushrambo is at first non-existant in the new timeline, as the war between Humans and Enterrans never happened, the human race was never wiped out, and Lanancuras had never chosen his generals. The jewels used to form Mushrambo were left in the hands of Yakumo, given to her when Mushra, Sago, and Kutal disappeared at the end of season one. Yakumo had continued her journey and finally reached Shinzo.

Prior to the opening events of Season Two, Yakumo had given the jewels to a human girl named Binka, and tasked her with finding Mushra, Sago, and Kutal in order for them to reclaim their powers and become Mushrambo again. Binka eventually gathered the three together and returns their gems.

The heroes' first transformation is during their second battle with the Kadrian, Eilis, after he captures Binka and nearly kills her. Felt throughout the planet, Mushrambo's reawakening further weakens the seal binding Lanancuras and renews Yakumo's hope.  Mushrambo frees Binka and easily knocks Eilis off his feet. The Kadrian combines with his creation, Metalasaur, and attacks with Solar Flare, an attack that never misses. Mushrambo and Binka emerge unharmed, and Mushrambo blasts Eilis away with another attack. Eilis feigns his death and grabs Binka from behind, threating to kill her if Mushrambo doesn't submit. Mushrambo drops his sword, tricking Eilis into giving Binka a chance to escape his grasp. Mushrambo then kicks his sword into the air towards Eilis. The blade sticks through the Kadrian's skull, and Mushrambo follows up with more attacks, leaving nothing behind by cutting Eilis's card to pieces.

Much later, during their final battle with the Kadrian King, Lanancuras, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal's jewels are torn from their bodies by Lanancuras, who uses his godly powers to form Mushrambo's EnCard and burn it, ending Mushrambo's existence. The three Enterrans quickly lose to Lanancuras, and Yakumo's strength leaves her. She dies somewhat peacefully, believing that her friends will still win. As they are about to be carded for good, Yakumo's life force flickers and her strength slowly returns. Using her power, she surrounds the heroes in a dome of light, also restoring Mushrambo's EnCard. The warrior is fully revived and confronts Lanancuras. After a great, raging battle, Lanancuras grabs Mushrambo's sword and destroys it, sending Mushrambo to the ground with a punch. A semi-unconcious Mushrambo feels as though he failed Yakumo, but looks over and sees the special Enterran Flower of Hope growing next to him. Feelings and memories of Yakumo flow through his mind, and he admits to himself that he loves her. Remembering a time when he, as Mushra, gave Yakumo a Flower of Hope, Mushrambo remembers how much Yakumo loved the flower, and that he would do anything to keep her hope alive. He then remembers seeing the unconcious Yakumo holding the flower he gave her. Unable to bear the thought that her hope for a peaceful world being in vain, he resolves to fight on. Lanancuras crushes the flower and begins kicking Mushrambo repeatedly. Gathering the strength to fight, Mushrambo grabs Lanancuras's foot, stopping the attacks. Mushrambo stands and tries to fight, but is knocked completely unconcious by Lanancuras with one blow.

Lanancuras picks up Mushrambo's body, throws him into the air, and blasts Mushrambo with a beam from his eyes. Mushrambo's body hits the ground hard. Bored with the fight, Lanancuras opens his chest and begins sucking everything into the black hole in his abdomen. Mushrambo is slowly dragged towards him, but Lanancarus is interrupted by Hakuba, who has begun the next stage of the Celestial Guardians' plan to stop Lanancuras.


Ultimate Golden Mushrambo

Hakuba reveals the EnCards of the six Enterran kings from the other timeline, stating that the cards will merge with Mushrambo and awaken his ultimate power. Hakuba rises to meet the EnCards in a beam of light, joined by power sent from Yakumo, and fuses with the cards to become the Revision Sword. The light awakens Mushrambo, who rises to greet it and grasps the sword, becoming Golden Mushrambo.

Despite being outmatched in power, Lanancuras again opens his chest and tries to suck Mushrambo into the black hole. Mushrambo willingly allows himself to be taking in. From within Lanancuras, Mushrambo uses the Revision Blade to slice the very fabric of space and time, cutting his way out of the Kadrian King. Lanancuras disappears and the warrior flies away with Yakumo's capsule. The next day, the group holds a virgil for Yakumo.

Mushrambo is only seen afterwards in flashbacks during Mushra's true final battle with Lanancuras.


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Mushrambo attacks

Originally a great and powerful warrior, Mushrambo turned evil under Lanancuras's influence. But when Mushra, Sago, and Kutal form Mushrambo, he appears as a just and holy warrior. Mushrambo embodies the qualities of all three Enterrans within him, from Mushra's raw strength to Sago's unmatched cunning and Kutal's mighty resolve. Like Yakumo, Mushrambo is guided by hope and love, and is a kind and protective person. His strength and resolve is nearly unmatched and he always finds a way to win.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his normal form, Mushrambo is considered the strongest warrior on Enterra. Able to break an enemy's weapon with his bare hand and even resist being turned to stone. In his Golden form, Mushrambo's strength is greatly enhanced, along with his other abilities. Wielding the powers of the Celestial Guardians, and fighting for the hope of the people, Mushrambo can preform great tasks, including destroying whole landforms and surviving in lava.

While wielding the Revision Blade, Mushrambo can cut through Space and Time.


  • The Japanese version of the show is titled Mushrambo.