Rusephine is the queen/shogun of the Bird Enterrans/Matrixer and one of the Seven Enterran Generals. She has the power to control space and time and can send people from one time period to another.


Rusephine somehow came into possession of the cards of three of the other Shogun : Franken, Diehanger and Kimylas. It can be assumed she killed them, because by the time the found the stagnated Yakumo Tatsuro, only Franken was alive, and she has his card too.

The core of her realm is located in what once was Egypt, now an ocean. Unlike the other Matrixer nations, the state of her civilization is on par with that of the humans, because her people conquered Mechano City and gained knowledge of technology. Despite this, the look of her nation is classic and ornamental, rather than futuristic.

Initially she is a reasonable ruler, and struck a treaty with the king of robots named King Nipper. In exchange for technology, her people would allow the robots to exist in peace. With the exception of claiming a football field to build a laboratory, this treaty was kept, and Mechano City lived in relative freedom. She took no slaves and did not enforce her culture on them.

Once she got within reach of gaining ultimate power though, any sense of reason went out of the window and she started killing even her own troops in order to get to Mushra. When unable to defeat him and his friends, she sent them to the past. After this she met Yakumo and monologued exposition to her in time for Mashura and his friends to return. She absorbed the cards of all other Shoguns (even when claiming the cards of Daku and Lord Ryuma) gaining incredible power in a hybrid state. However when they transformed into Golden Mushrambo, she summoned the original Mushrambo to aid her, but despite all her newfound power she was effortlessly killed and absorbed by him.