Sago is one of the Chosen Enterrans to guide Yakumo to Shinzo. Like Kutal, when Sago is carded he can be absorbed by Mushra. When both Sago and Kutal are absorbed Mushra transforms into Mushrambo.


Prior to the story, after the evil Lanancuras's meteorite prison crashes on Earth, three powerful jewels are released from the meteorite and sent out to the strongest Enterran, Mushrambo. Mushrambo led the war against the Humans, nearly wiping them all out. When he tried to kill Yakumo while she was an infant, her dormant powers briefly awakened and she destroyed him. The jewels were taken by the Celestial Guardians and given to three chosen Enterran warriors, each of whom had the power to aid Yakumo on her journey to Shinzo. Sago's jewel is embedded into his helmet.

When Mushra is trapped and Yakumo's life is threatened by Big Blue and his Older Brother, Sago and Kutal Hyper-Form. Sago tears the spider-Enterrans' webs to shreds and rescues Yakumo, while Mushra breaks free and cards Big Blue and his brother.

After Yakumo is taken captive by Insect King Daku, Sago and the others trick the bug lord and bow to him, allowing themselves to be locked in his dungeon. Sago explains his plan for getting inside the castle, breaking out, then saving Yakumo. Before their plan goes any further, Daku's minion Dr. Parasite begins brainwashing them. The process is interrupted when Hakuba breaks in, allowing the three heroes to escape and split up.

While Mushra goes after Yakumo, Kutal and Sago create a diversion. Sago attempts to open a container of Petrol to spread around, but barely makes a crack, fortunately it is still enough for his plan to work. Kutal starts a fire in the castle kitchen, and sparks from the flame ignite the Petrol, setting the castle ablaze. After finally rescuing Yakumo, the three Hyper-Enterrans battle King Daku, who absorbs the card of Katai, his shapeshifting minion that had tricked the group into entering the castle. Daku becomes stronger and gains the power of invisibility, but is outsmarted and defeated by the Hyper-Enterran heroes.

After defeating Daku and using his card to travel from the Insect area over to the Reptile area, the group travels down a river and finds an old Human schoolhouse. Inside, Sago finds an old library, but when the Reptile-Enterran Waru attacks Mushra, the books themselves form a monstrous golem-like creature. Sago Hyper-Forms and defeats the book-golem.

After Waru hands Yakumo over to his boss, Snake King Gyasa, Waru is carded and absorbed by Gyasa, who grows even stronger. He turns Yakumo to stone and throws her into the lake, prompting an angry assault by the Hyper-Enterran heroes. After Kutal sacrifices himself to protect Hakuba and the kittens while they save Yakumo, Sago too makes the ultimate sacrifice, allowing Mushra to absorb their cards and become the legendary Mushrambo.

After they defeat Gyasa, the group arrives in another forest, where Kutal, Sago, and Mushra are challenged to a series of tests given by Darba, a man claiming to be a wizard from Shinzo. While they are busy, another Enterran named Huntari releases an evil plant that takes Yakumo hostage. Huntari is later eaten by the plant and powers it up, but the plant is destroyed by the boys.

Afterwards, they arrive at a nearby town, where the boys decide to hold an eating contest to determine who is the best among them. With not enough money to pay for their ridiculous amount of food, they wind up washing dishes while Yakumo wanders off and gets tricked by Ryuma, Lord of the Reptiles.

Ryuma's servant Ungra, releases the three-headed dragon Grandora, who rampages through the city. The boys, busy with another competition, hear the beast and confront it. Despite the power gained when they Hyper-Form, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal are easily beaten. Sago and Kutal are carded, but Mushra escapes and begins absorbing their cards to become Mushrambo.

Much later, the group arrives in Mechano City in the area of the Bird-Enterrans. After an odd series of events, the group winds up battleing Lord Caris, servant of Bird Queen Rusephine. Sago, Kutal, and Mushra are carded, but thanks to the robot King Nipper and Yakumo, they are revived using a machine and a set of special EnCards. The three are given greater powers from the special EnCards and combine their attacks, finally carding Caris.

Before he dies, King Nipper tells the group about the Seven Enterran Generals, five of whom have already been carded, including Daku and Ryuma. When Rusephine, the sixth general, destroys Mechano City, Mushra flies off after her for revenge. Sago and the others evacuate the robot citizens then follow after Mushra. Riding on one of Hyper-Sago's Aqua Dragons, the rest of the group arrives at Rusephine's castle just in time to save Mushra.

They beat Rusephine, but fail to notice that she wasn't carded. Rusephine returns and sends Mushra, Sago, and Kutal into a hole in the space-time fabric, sending them back in time to the height of the Enterran-Human war. The three heroes prevent an Enterran from destroying some humans, discovering that they actually just engaged the original Mushrambo. Mushrambo easily defeats the three, then leaves to destroy Shinzo, the last safe haven of the humans, and the infant Yakumo. The heroes arrive in time to stop Mushrambo from slaying Yakumo, but the past plays out as it did before and Yakumo's powers destroy Mushrambo, leaving behind the three jewels given to him by Lanancuras.

The boys each take hold of their respective jewels and are taken back to their present, only to find that Rusephine has absorbed the cards of Daku, Ryuma, and three other generals. She resurrects the original Mushrambo, who turns on her and cards her, claiming all six of the other Enterran Generals. The newly revived seventh general absorbs all six cards, and becomes Satan Mushrambo. Using the jewels they retrieved in the past, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal transform into Golden Mushrambo.

Satan and Golden Mushrambo duel, and when it seems the good warrior has the advantage, the evil one tricks him with time manipulation attacks, wearing down Golden Mushrambo until he reverts back to the thee Hyper-Enterran warriors.

Growing bored of the weak Enterrans, Satan Mushrambo confronts Yakumo. With her peace-loving, non-vengful demeanor broken, Yakumo's powers fully awaken and she proves to be an extremely dangerous opponent, using her powers to beat Satan Mushrambo down with rocks and debris. Despite the power she possesses, Yakumo is unable to completely kill the evil warrior, who uses the advantage for a final attack.

The three Hyper-Enterrans arrive in time to save her. Sago and Kutal pin Satan Mushrambo down while Mushra delivers one last punch, carding the devil and destroying all the generals' cards. With their mission of protecting Yakumo complete, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal fade away, leaving their jewels in Yakumo's hands. She continues west, and reaches the ruins of Shinzo.

But since the Mushrambo of the past was brought to the future and killed, history was rewritten and the events of the story reset, beginning Season Two.

Season 2 Edit

Because history was rewritten, the war between Humans and Enterrans never happened, Humans were never wiped out, and the evil Lanancuras never chose any Enterran generals, but instead is growing in strength while his own followers, the Kadrians, work to release him.

Prior to the opening events of Season Two, Yakumo gave her friends jewels to a human girl named Binka, and sent her off to find Mushra, Kutal, and Sago in hopes of bringing them to Shinzo, becoming Mushrambo, and stopping Lanancuras.


After finding Mushra and restoring his power, Binka and Mushra find Sago gambling (and winning fairly well). He dismisses Binka's story about Yakumo and Mushrambo, believing that she's simply hallucinating. She offers Sago his jewel, trying to appeal to his weakness of money and valuables, but Sago states that he's fine with the cash he has. 

Binka leaves the casino dishearted, but Mushra is drawn in by Sago and the two gamble recklessly, returning to Binka's campsite without their armor and stripped down to their base clothing. Binka punishes them, rather harshly, and gets their equipment back. 

When Binka states that their next goal is to find Kutal and create Mushrambo, Sago waves her off, stating that he's decided to remain with them temporarily as thanks for getting his items back. Mushra appeals to Sago's sense of adventure, but they're interrupted when Kutal stumbles into their campsite. Binka, furious at his foolish behaviour, sends him off shouting that he's no hero because he's trying to steal.

Later, the group notices that their little bear cub friends, Chiro and Kuro, have gone missing. The bears reappear as monstrous Kadrian beasts and capture Binka. Enraged by their deception, Mushra begins Hyper-Forming. Sago's anger also empowers him, and his jewel flies out from Binka's bag and embeddeds itself into Sago's helmet. 

Sago Hyper-Forms and joins Mushra in the fight. Though the two have grown in power thanks to the jewels, Sago and Mushra are still defeated. Kutal arrives and the third jewel is drawn to him, allowing him to Hyper-Form. The three defeat the Kadrian fiends, whose cards burn up.

The group then arrives in the next village, finding it completely ruined and all its citizens carded. Upon picking up one of the cards, Mushra watches as it crumbles to ash. They take refuge for the night in one of the destroyed houses, and set out to find the Kadrians the next day. After a plane passes over them, dropping leaflets advertising a special amusement park called the Shinzo Dream Center, the group agrees to blow off some steam by having a bit of needed fun, unaware that the park is a trap by Lanancuras's servant, Eilis.

Once the group is distracted and their guard is lowered, Eilis begins playing his tricks and separating them within the park's exhibits. After isolating Mushra, Eilis removes his hold over most of the area, where the other three heroes exit the ruined entrance to the room their in to find that the park was an illusion and they're really atop an old plateau. Sago comes to the realization that all along the Kadrians were trying to get Mushra alone.

After Eilis blasts a severely weak Mushra through the walls of the park-prison and out on the plateau, Mushra passes out from pain and exhaustion. Before Eilis can finish him off. Hyper-Sago and Hyper-Kutal attack and fend off Eilis. They take Mushra and flee, hiding in a cave behind a nearby waterfall.

Eilis finds them again and attacks. Mushra, now rested and back to full strength, attacks. Eilis easily captures all three Enterrans and Binka. Enraged by Eilis capturing Binka, Mushra and the others Hyper-Form. After escaping Eilis's grip, the group tries to flee again but find themselves trapped in a surreal, mirror-like illusiory world. Eilis then creates a massive, dinosaur-like beast, Metalasaur, and uses it to attack. Sago and Kutal's attacks have no effect on the monster and both are carded.

Eilis reverses Mushra's thrown javelin and sends it back to Mushra, piercing him in the back. Laughing, he stands over the EnCards and a broken Mushra. When Binka returns to the battlefield, Eilis captures her and nearly kills her when Mushra and the others' strength returns. Mushra absorbs Sago and Kutal, awakening the legendary Mushrambo and defeating Eilis for good.

After a little more time traveling, the group finally reachs Shinzo and meet Yakumo. During the next few weaks, They watch as Yakumo becomes weaker and weaker, her powers being drained as she tries to keep Lanancuras bound. Her power eventually becomes too weak and she loses conciousness, after which her power drastically weakens and Lanancuras breaks free.

Mushra, Sago, and Kutal Hyper-Form and try fighting the revived Kadrian King, but are severely outmatched and quickly beaten to near-death. Hakuba and Binka take Yakumo back to Shinzo, where she instructs Binka to do one last thing for her before passing away. Sensing Yakumo's death, the Hyper-Enterrans become flooded with the full memories of the previous adventure they had with her. Sago remembers every time Yakumo would laugh, how she always forgave him when she caught him up to no good, and how she always managed to keep them all together, even just then in her last moments.

They get a second wind but are still no match for Lanancuras, who viciously rips the jewels out of each Enterran. While Lanancuras stands victorius over them, Binka arrives at the battlefield and tells them that Yakumo's dead. The men wave her words off, each stating that she's still alive in them. Yakumo's light surrounds them, pushin Lanancuras back. Her power combined with theirs allows the Enterrans to once again unite to become Mushrambo.

After a lengthy, explosive, painful, and magnificent battle, Lanancuras is finally defeated by an upgraded Golden Mushrambo, wielding the Revision Blade. The next morning the Enterrans, Hakuba, and Binka hold a vigil for Yakumo. But Lanancuras returns and absorbs the pod Yakumo is lying in, growing even more in power and size. The gigantic, revived Lanancuras faces off against Mushra, the Enterran now pushed passed his limit and wielding the Revision Blade.

They watch as Mushra deals damage to the giant Kadrian, and Sago realizes that Mushra has become far more powerful than in any of his other forms. The two Hyper-Enterrans return to the fight, each grabbing one of Lanancuras's shoulders, allowing Mushra to pierce Lanancuras with the blade and strike vertically down the length of the Kadrian's body, although the blade breaks during the attack. Sago and Kutal are then blasted away by Lanancuras and returned to their normal states. Lanancuras then summons the three Enterrans jewels back to him.

They all are forced to watch helplessly as Lanancuras manages to get ahold of Mushra and rip his EnCard from his body with and crush it, dropping Mushra's lifeless corpse. Miraculously, they witness a new Mushra stand, perfectly unharmed. From then on, they watch as Mushra, now infused with the power of Celestial Guardians battles Lanancuras.

Though Lanancuras manages to ground Mushra again, Yakumo's power wakes again and the pod is forced from Lanancuras's body. Lanancuras summons massive amounts of Dark Power and grows even more powerful, but is ultimatly vanquished by Mushra. Mushra picks the nearly lifeless Lanancuras and flies into the heavens, saying goodbye to his friends.


Sago and the others watch as the guardian rises higher and grows smaller as he leaves, followed by a massive explosion as he finally kills Lanancuras. Sago and the others return to Mushra's hometown, where they bury Yakumo properly. They then decide to find Mushra, knowing that he's somehow still alive. And they set off to the West.


Sago is both cunning and mischevious. He enjoys playing around and competing with Mushra, but when in battle his quick thinking gives the group strategic advantages over opponents. 


He is a constant gambler, whether it's Craps, Cards, or even petty competitions with Mushra and Kutal. Though he can come off as a bit uncaring, Sago has shown time and again that he is a reliable, caring, and protective man.


Sago App
In his normal form, Sago wears a green body suit-like outfit with a purple belt under a long, purple cloak. On his head he dons a helmet that covers most of his face as well, with his jewels embedded in it.

Jewels of Water

In his Hyper-Form his body-suit is deep blue. He wears light blue pauldrons on his shoulders with a matching cape and waist pieces. The bottom of his shoes are deep blue with light blue design and shin guards. A set of horns sprout from his head and bat-like wings sprout from his back. During his transformation sequence he holds a dark blue rose, the petals falling off one by one as he goes.


Aqua Dragon

His Hyper-Form is triggered by his command "Hydro-Power", and he wields a double-sided blade. In his Hyper-Form, Sago's control over water is stronger and he has many water-based attacks and tricks, most notably his Aqua Dragon.

Trivia Edit

• Sago's Hyper-Form has often been referenced as the "Water Devil".