Shiro & Kuro are Furball-Like Kadrian brothers that serve Lunaria. They tried to get on Binka's good side while attempting to take the two remaining crystals. But after a while, the two revealed their true forms: A black bear with a yellow mask (Kuro) and a white bear with a purple mask (Shiro). They can combine to form a non-menacing panda with a bamboo stick as a weapon (by the command "Kadrian Bear!") and turn into a Red Panda-like super-predator (by the command "Hyper Kadrian Predator!"). Carded by Hyper Mushra, Hyper Sago, and Hyper Kutal. The duo's names were puns on White (Shiro) & Black (Kuro).

Hyper Kadrian PredatorEdit