Yakumo Tatsuro is the last surviving human on Enterra. She gained powers from a shard of the meterorite containing Lanancuras. She was send on a mission to go to Shinzo by her father, Dr. Daigo Tatsuro.


She wears a light blue dress with brown sleeves, white pants, and blue shoes.


She is very kind, beatiful, gentle, hates violence, and doesn't like when Mushra shows no mercy to their enemies, destroying their Encard. She was the last hope of humanity, and she was able to change Enterra´s destiny twice.

Going to sleep as a four year old and waking up as a teenager did not do wonders for her natural growth. A large part of her is still mentally and emotionally a young child and as such Yakumo possesses a naivety and innocence that has long since vanished in others her age. She always tries to see the best in everything and everyone, and is shocked at the sheer level of cruelty and brutality those around her will reach.


In the 22nd Century, the Guardians knew the humans were losing the war against the Enterrans, thanks to the power of Mushrambo, so they have chosen Yakumo, daughter of Daigo, who helped to develop the Enterrans and consequently the cure to the mortal virus caused by Lanancuras' seal.

Her father Daigo build a place in which Yakumo would live 50 years (30 years in the Japanese version) and only grow around 1 year. She started her sleeping when she was 4 years old, and slept for 500 years (300 years in the Japanese version) instead of 50. She wakes up in the age of 17 because the machine had some malfunctions.

Her father recorded instructions, which she heard when she woke up. Then, she met one of the three Hyper-Enterrans that the Guardians sent to help her, Mushra, hanged by chains in a waterfall. She sees him and decide to help him, destroying the chains with a stone. Though the cliff broke away and fell into the water as Yakumo carries Mushra's body to shore. The power of Mushrambo was so great that when he was defeated and divided into 3 crystal, it was done in order to separate Mushrambo and stop his evils desires and ways, so one destiny for the heroes made sure Yakumo was safe until she discover her fate along the journey in the second timeline with Binka has a nightmare of not having a chance to reach Shinzo rubble.

The cardians come out of the blue while Yakumo is using her strength to defend the world from the meteorite crashed in the earth 500 years ago  with the war against the humans would ended up being more information about the same time as the first World War with Lanacuras begins with the new version of this season coming to save the world of destruction with Mushrambo's support.



Powers and abilitiesEdit

Absorbing part of Lanancuras's power while in hibernation, Yakumo was capable of several feats, many of which she either cannot or conciously will not use given her nature. She is capable of strong telepathy, ripping up the land around her to throw at her enemys, and was able to destroy the original Mushrambo and divide his power among three other Enterrans.


  • In the first draft of the show, she was to be slightly more aggressive and flaunting.
  • In the manga, she is married with Mushra.